Welcome to UrbanChiqueNess, a City Girl’s Guide to Style.  I am a Midwestern girl at heart, but a lover of urban living by nature.  Chicago is where I landed nearly 2o years ago and now I call it home with my family.  UrbanChiqueNess is a lifestyle blog about all “Chique” things close to my heart.  A place for me to share thoughts, inspirations, trends, tips and memories about fashion, family, fitness, food, beauty, home decor and travel.

I am a proud wife, mother, sister & daughter by day and a Blogger, Creative Editor, Personal Stylist & Pilates Instructor by night.  I am a Fashionista passionate for life, love & laughter!

I suppose you could say that fashion and beauty are in my genes. I have been immersed in the fashion industry my entire life. Most recently as a freelance stylist, but the 15 years prior I was a Senior Executive at Saks Fifth Avenue and American Girl Place.  My philosophy is that real beauty is found in balance and confidence. I was taught as a young girl that beauty is not just skin deep. Having self-assurance and passion to be your best comes from the inside. My mantra is “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!”. I hope to help you bring out your brilliance and have some fun too.

Would love to hear from you, so drop me a note at erika@urbanchiqueness.com.  If you are interested my stylist services please visit my Holobi page for more details. For those stylish men out there, please visit my J.Hilburn Site for more details on the finest men’s custom clothes. Until next time, find your style and stay “Chique”!