A “Chique” Mocktail: Jalapeno Mojito

Want to add a little kick to your summer drink? As some of you know from my Instagram posts, my go to drink in the summer is sparkling H2O, lime & mint. Who really needs the rum? This refreshing “mocktail” tastes great without the alcohol. Mind you, I do love a “real” drink every once in a while. Mojitos and Margaritas stand as my two favorites this time of year. A few months back at the Twisted Lizard¬†they served me a Jalapeno Margarita. It was amazing, just enough spice to hit the spot!

While at Trader Joe’s, the other day, I needed a jalapeno for my guacamole. But, they only sell the peppers in bulk, so after our feast, we were still left with a fridge full of jalapeno. I made the mistake of adding it to the kids rice bowl, which was a huge mistake as it was way to much “fire” for them. I am still not living that one down.

So, in an effort to not waste the fresh jalapeno, I had a brilliant idea. If they could add jalapeno to my margarita, why not add a slice to my lime & mint mocktail. So that is what I did! I am here to say it was pure “Chique” fiery deliciousness. You may be afraid, but you must try it.

Just squeeze a half of lime, muddle the mint sprigs in the lime juice, add a gorgeous slice of jalapeno, ice & sparkling H20. Beware, the longer the hot pepper infuses the water the spicier your drink! What is your go to cocktail these days?

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