A “Chique” Update

In case some of you are worried as Tropical Storm Isaac rolls our way, I wanted to post a quick update. First of all, we are fine. More hype from the news and media than necessary. Certainly, we were fully prepared for the worst, but hoped for the best. We submerged all the patio furniture in the pool and everything else was locked and loaded in the shed! It was still our vacation and we were not going to let a little wind and rain ruin our beach escape, so lots of indoor crafts and games were planned.

Ironically, yesterday, was a picture perfect day. As they say, “the calm before the storm”! The skies were blue, the water was flat and tide was way out, in fact, so far out, it unveiled the most glorious glassy sand bar. I felt like I was walking on water!

But, this morning the winds picked up, the tide was high and the gigantic rolling foamy waves took over, which of course brought out all the avid surfers. It was an amazing sight to see hundreds of surf boards lining the beach.

Well, the storm has passed, but we are still in the windy, cloudy aftermath. One lost beach day and a few flickering lights is a small price to pay. Our thoughts are with those who may get the brunt of the storm.

We are lucky enough to have 5 more days in paradise so we won’t let a little rain ruin our parade. Off to indulge in our “Chique” paradise.

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  1. E/

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Can’t imagine wghat that must of been like.

    Think I would have packed up and out of there. A gold star to you and the other brave vacationers.

    Enjoy the ‘calm after the storm’. You def deserve it.


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