A “Chique” Week in Pictures

How is your week going? I am already exhausted and it’s only Thursday!  Here is a glimpse of what we have been up to lately:

  • The colorful Bolivares we printed for Parker’s Venezuelan school project
  • The magnificent shadows of our sprouting seedlings
  • Is “Mental Math” considered leisurely reading material for a 3rd grader?
  • Tulip shadow art downtown
  • The view from our car sunroof  (Mom, I promise we were parked!)
  • Cool tree sculptures being painted on the lakefront
  • Mannequin scene at Anthropologie
  • Follow in my footsteps
  • Our strawberry plant is bearing fruit!!
  • Autographed swim cap by Olympians Gary Hall Jr, Christine Magnuson & Gil Stoval at the “Fitter &  Faster” Tour

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