Bits & Pieces: A Glimpse of “ChiqueNess”

Well, we are back to reality.  How is everyone else feeling after the holiday weekend? Today was our first day of “work” after a luxurious eleven day stretch of Spring Break. The sound of the alarm clock was a shock to sleepy ears this morning, but everyone perked up pretty quickly as the boys really do love school. Mama, on the other hand, is having a more difficult time adjusting! By tomorrow, I should be back in the swing of things, but in the meantime, here is a glimpse of how we have spent the last few days of vacation!

PJ has been asking to blow out eggs and hand paint them as an Easter project, so we did! Simple instructions here.

The boys in action at Gramma & Papa’s house!

Dyeing Easter eggs the old fashion way; the colors were so decadent and vibrant. We were obsessing over the beauty of each egg. I must have taken 100 photos, as to not bore you, here are just a few!

It was the most gorgeous Spring Day; the perfect weather for an afternoon Easter Brunch with friends!

It’s all about green; PJ boxing in his green jeans, our seedlings are hatching & my new horn necklace!

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