“Chique” Family Tip: Big isn’t always Better

A few years back we started a tradition of decorating mini trees for the boy’s bedrooms.  I never had a tree in my bedroom growing up but I think my mom was exhausted after draping our real tree with hand tied ribbons, real candy canes and hundreds of decadent ornaments. As I said in an early post, the thought of decorating the whole house for just a few days is exhausting.  I won’t make this a trend but feeling a bit relieved.  I did manage to negotiate my way out of a gigantic real tree in the living room since we are going away the second week of Christmas break, which means that the little trees in their bedrooms are a must.

We unwrapped the trees, found the ornaments and managed to salvage just enough lights. The boys dug through the tiny ornaments that are just the right size, picking out their must haves! My favorites are the traditional Scandinavian straw ones, so delicately woven into the sweetest shapes!

The boys were so excited to see their bedside tables aglow. The final touches were a Lego nutcracker and an authentic nutcracker brought home from the German KrisKindle market in Berlin from years ago!

I am going to miss the fresh smell of pine and the twinkling lights at sundown but I won’t miss the big clean up in January. I guess I will settle for an irresistible holiday candle from Henri Bendel’s instead.  Mind you, just because our trees are miniature doesn’t mean our celebration will be!







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