Welcome to UrbanChiqueNess, a City Girl’s Guide to Style.   I am a Midwestern girl with a European heart, yet a lover of urban living by nature. After touring Europe & graduating college, I landed in Chicago and married a Brit. Now I call it home with my family. UrbanChiqueNess is a lifestyle blog about all “Chique” things close to my heart. A place for me to share thoughts, inspirations, trends, tips and memories about fashion, family, fitness, food, beauty, home decor and travel.

I am a proud wife, mother, sister & daughter by day and a Blogger, Creative Editor, Personal Stylist & Pilates Instructor by night. I am a Fashionista passionate for life, love & laughter!

I suppose you could say that fashion and beauty are in my genes. I have been immersed in the fashion industry my entire life. Most recently as a freelance stylist, but the 15 years prior I was a Senior Executive at Saks Fifth Avenue and American Girl Place. My philosophy is that real beauty is found in balance and confidence. I was taught as a young girl that beauty is not just skin deep. Having self-assurance and passion to be your best comes from the inside. My mantra is “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!”. I hope to help you bring out your brilliance and have some fun too.

Would love to hear from you, so drop me a note at erika@urbanchiqueness.com. If you are interested in scheduling a private Pilates session or stylist services please email me for details. Until next time, find your style and stay “Chique”!

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