Charlize: Beyond Oscar “Chique”

The Nolan house is split when it comes to watching the Academy Awards. It probably comes as no surprise that my favorite part of Oscar night is the red carpet and Matt’s is the actual awards. Predictable, right?

Therefore, I was glued to the pre-show and then went to bed after an amazing performance by Shirley Bassey.  I figured it was best to end on a good note. Can we talk about her voice? She definitely deserved that standing ovation! But even more impressive, is how fabulous she looks at 76. I can only hope to look that good at that age. Wow!

So, now let’s talk style. When it comes to the fashions, again, my pick is probably pretty predictable. Charlize Theron was picture perfect. Maybe I am bias, but she had me at the pixie. Then paired with the natural makeup, the modern Dior Haute Couture gown and the Harry Winston jewels she was insanely gorgeous. I love that the corset had a jeweled modified peplum and that the skirt had a small train. With that fabulous neckline she didn’t even need a necklace, so instead she piled on the vintage diamond bracelets. Sheer “Chiqueness”!

Charlize close up2

Charlize dress

Charlize close up



In hindsight, it isn’t surprising that Charlize’s white gown was my favorite as last year my pick was Gwyneth’s ivory Tom Ford. At least I am consistent and honestly, it isn’t about the trends, but dressing for your shape and bringing out your own personal style. Who did you think was the “Chiquest” last night?

P.S. If you want a glimpse of Charlize & her stylist behind the scenes, check out the The Coveteur’s site for an inside look.

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