“Chique” Artism

There is nothing more gratifying than giving back, contributing to the wellness of others or just simply donating to a good cause. Today, as consumers, we are given so many options that it is simply not enough to just spend money frivolously. Why wouldn’t you want to buy from a company with a philanthropic arm vs one who merely keeps all the profit for themselves? Making smarter, more active choices in life helps everyone.

Yesterday, my girlfriends and I attended a “Blue Bag Lunch” in honor of Autism Awareness Month at Project Onward an amazing nonprofit studio & gallery dedicated to advancing the careers of artists with mental and developmental disabilities. I love that their mission is to celebrate the artists abilities instead of always discussing their disabilities. It was such an uplifting afternoon creating art, connecting with people, inspiring change and ultimately giving back.

Besides sipping champagne, touring the gallery and noshing on delicious treats, we visited with some of Project Onward’s talented artists who we commissioned to paint our portraits. A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I love that the social media hashtag “Artism” was created by one of the founding artists himself!

If you are in Chicago and in the market for some original works of art, please visit their studio at the Bridgeport Art Center. You will not be disappointed as there is something for everyone, ¬†from whimsical pieces to technically elaborate drawings. Plus, your contribution is truly helping the lives of individuals facing extraordinary challenges, but with exceptional abilities. Now that is “Chique”.

Project Onward




Sitting for my first portrait



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