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Who doesn’t love a great deal?  Some of you know how much I love a good hunt. So, while in Michigan, in addition to the rest and relaxation, we managed to fit in some much needed retail therapy. We took a road trip to IKEA, which is always an adventure. The boys didn’t even put up a fight, because they love the Swedish meatballs and $1 cones.

On the other hand, I will never pass up an opportunity to go to IKEA.  It can be a bit overwhelming, but if you stay focused you can get out of their unharmed!  I always love their paper napkins and this season the prints are contemporary, bright & cheerful. They also had loads of skinny straws in tons of different colors, which are a perfect complement to our favorite fruit smoothies.  I am always on the look out for small stainless steel bowls to use for nuts, sauces and snacks.  They had ones in the perfect size for $2.99, so I bought three for good luck.

Also, on my not so successful visit to Old Navy looking for my bubble gum pink skinny jeans, I did happen to find this navy & khaki stripe pocket tee on clearance for only $4.99.  It reminds me of the adorable Madewell contrast ticker stripe shirt from last Summer. Unfortunately, Madewell,  is sold out, but they do have a new crop of choices, here. And last but not least, I dug up an old red patent envelope clutch in my mom’s basement dresser drawer. Score, all this for under $20. Now that is cheap & “Chique”! Enjoy your holiday weekend, more next time.

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  1. So true! You have to be VERY focused when visiting Ikea, and going in with a full belly helps too. I had to laugh when reading your post. Glad I’m not the only one who has to strategize for that store!!! Happy Easter- XO M

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