“Chique” Baubles

Do any of you remember making the cool bracelets out of safety pins and beads? My sister, my Mom and I were knocking those things out by the dozen back in the 80’s. I only wish we had kept them. Mom, where are they anyway? Did we give them away at a garage sale? In hindsight, we should have been selling them to our friends, but I guess my entrepreneurial skills hadn’t developed yet!

Speaking of safety pins, I also remember turning my jeans inside out and safety pinning the legs to make them stove pipe skinnies. I am not even sure how I got them on or off, for that matter. We must have been buying safety pins by the case back in those days! All these memories came flooding back when I ran across this necklace:

I just recently discovered Tom Binns jewelry. Where have I been all these years? The minute I saw his work, I was hooked. The bigger and the chunkier the necklace, the more I love it. His designs are stunning, deliberately nonsensical and artistic. His new “Punk Chic” collection inspired by a simple safety pin, is brilliant. Brought me right back to my days stringing thousands of little beads onto the pins for the ultimate 80’s cuff. His collection has taken it to a whole new level. I am dreaming of the day I can splurge on one of his pieces. They are not just an accessory, but a piece of art and oh so “Chique”.

Tom Binns real time big skull silver cuff

Tom Binns large tangled crystal and pearl necklace

Tom Binns Candy Necklace

All images via Tom Binns

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