“Chique” Beach Attire

Happy Friday friends. I hope you have big plans for the weekend ahead. Last Saturday & Sunday we spent most of our time at the pool for a huge swim meet and next weekend is the three day State meet where Parker is hoping to break some personal records! So, this weekend, we plan to take advantage of our free time and just lounge at the lake.

My go to beach attire is a bikini layered with some one of my summer essentials. Either cutoffs, a maxi dress or comfy print pants. I scored these authentic Indian harem pants a while back while thrifting in Michigan. I have been waiting for the heat to rise to pull them out. Honestly, I feel like I am in my pajamas when I am wearing them.

Print pants, harem pants, beach attire

Print pants are all the rage lately. In fact, The Oxford Trunk, one of the best on line sites for trendy inexpensive clothes and accessories, can barely keep these in stock. Hurry or you will miss out. I have also recently discoverd Jacknboots Vintage, on Etsy for some amazing patterned goodness. She sells everything from batik to tie dye to gauze.

Indian harem pants, print pants, batik

Wide leg slouchy pants are the perfect way to stay cool, comfy and “Chique” in this hot & humid weather. What is your go to item this summer?¬†Cheers to a fabulous weekend!

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