“Chique” Botanicals

I have been experiencing major camera envy while viewing other people’s blog posts that include all these amazing photos taken with the latest DSLR’s. While my photography may not warrant a brand new Nikon, a girl can always dream. So, I decided to explore the settings on my faithful Canon power shot, which has been neglected lately. In fact, I have been taking tons of shots with my phone, which has 8.1 megapixels, so it does take pretty good pics and it is always handy. Nowadays with the apps available even amateurs can turn an average photo into art. But, I have never really learned how to properly change the aperture, ISO or shutter speed on my Canon, so what better place to start. If I put a DSLR on my wish list, I better perfect my current skills in order to justify asking for an upgrade. Wouldn’t you agree?

So here they are, my experimental shots of the various botanicals in our house. My mother always tells me we are a big fire hazard, because of the over abundance of dried flowers. In reality, it is because I don’t have a green thumb and I have been known to kill plants that are considered easy to take care of by normal standards. Mind you, I did spend the day in the garden planting herbs, tomatoes and strawberries so I am giving this “Urban” garden thing a go for the moment (post to follow). But in the meantime, I did take a stab at adjusting the f/stop and ISO in the AV setting on my Canon for these various pictures. They may not be award winning, but it gives me the confidence to forge ahead. I get “Chique” points for trying, right?

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  1. M, you are my inspiration! I will be calling on your advice, trust me. Thanks for the encouragement. xo

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