“Chique” Celebration: Pisces Party III

As expected the weekend was a whirlwind, but the highlight was our friends’ third annual Pisces Party; crashed by a lot of Taurus girls, Scorpio boys & even co-hosted by a Gemini. As usual the host & hostess went above and beyond. The Piscean elements embellished every inch of the house; you were instantly transported into their world the minute you stepped in the door. The celebration embodied the expression, “The devil is in the details”.

In fact, on Friday, one of my fellow bloggers at, Simple Lovely, wrote a powerful post about focusing on the details, which of course, hit home for me. You can take something ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary if you pay close attention to the details. Sometimes, in fact, I get distracted by all the minutia, losing sight of the big picture. But, when it comes to honoring our fellow creative, dramatic, romantic and enigmatic Pisces, the sky is the limit. No detail was left untouched, so feast your eyes on an unforgettable, incredibly “Chique” evening.

I dusted off my vintage Dolce & Gabbana Silk leopard print dress and slipped it over some skinny jeans.

The Pisces cake not only looked divine but it tasted delicious.

Candles, books & seaside sculptures put the finishing touches on the table.

More deliciousness for the eyes!

A collage of tear sheets were scattered over the mirrors and tables creating a sexy “Chique” vibe.

We all sported temporary Pisces tattoos, which instantly transformed me into a “bad” girl.

The morning after was a bit rough but it was worth it!

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  1. Erika it was great to see you @ the PPIII party. Thanks for your “chique” review & post. Guess it is time to start thinking about PPIV!

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