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On Saturday a bunch of us Chicago Blogger Network members met for an exclusive coffee tasting at the new Bow Truss River North store. As most of you know, one of my few vices is a morning cup of jo, so what better way to kick off the weekend than with a crew of other coffee loving bloggers.

Bow Truss is not just a cool, laid back coffee shop, but also serves as a local roasting house at it’s Lakeview location. Now that the new location on Wells is open on Saturdays, they welcomed us with 5 dfferent cups and a side of donuts fromĀ Glazed and Infused. And you all know how I feel about donuts, right!?

Bow Truss, Coffee  House, Roasting House

Bow Truss, Coffee House,

Cupping, as the professionals call it, is an art just like wine tasting. Did you know it is ok to slurp at a coffee tasting? In fact, during a cupping slurping is encouraged, so that you spray the flavors over your entire pallette. Oh, the things you learn when hanging out with the coffee veterans.

Bow Truss coffee house

Thanks Greg for being our resident bean whisperer. We were all feeling the buzz after all that delicious brew!

Bow Truss, Coffee house, cupping

Bow Truss, Coffee House, Roasting











I can’t wait to go back to sip some of their specialty drinks. I must say, I prefer the little local coffee houses over the mass market chains anyday. Bow Truss has an amazing selection of roasts, a trendy chalkboard menu and not to mention the friendly, knowledgeable staff. Now that is “Chique”. If you live in the city, you must go check them out and tell me what you think!

Bow Truss, Coffee House, Coffee Beans

Coffee House, Tasting, Bow Truss

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