“Chique” Craft: Handmade Marbled Paper

We discovered this fantastic craft on Parker’s first day of school when the kids were making marbled paper name tags. My definition of a perfect project is one that is creative, educational & uses ordinary materials but easy enough for the kids to do on their own. My Dad’s birthday is coming up and each year we try to make a homemade gift. I am so tired of spending $4.99 on a lame Hallmark card so I have boycotted store bought Birthday cards for the entire family. I would much rather spend a few extra minutes creating something special that can be cherished forever. This year “Papa” will receive a Nolan original shaving cream art card! All you need is some wax paper, shaving cream, food coloring, toothpicks, white paper, markers and a ruler.  Almost every household should have these supplies on hand and if not they are inexpensive and reusable for other projects!

First, lay out and tape a piece of wax paper to your counter so it doesn’t slip around. I suppose you could do it on a cookie sheet as well. Draw or decorate your card on regular white paper with a message or picture of choice. We folded ours in half and marbleized the front and back cover. Then generously spray the shaving cream on the wax paper, drop food coloring into the foam and use a toothpick to swirl your design. Be careful not to over mix as the cool effects are the streaks of color. Take your card face down and press it into the colored shaving cream. Make sure your entire surface is covered in foam. Gently pick it up from the mixture and then remove the excess with a ruler. It is messy but fun! The transformation from an ordinary white card into a bright marbled paper masterpiece is instantaneous!

We were having so much fun that the boys decided to make signs for their bedroom doors and a few extra name tags for future gift tags.  I just hung them to dry on our collapsible clothesline.  By the next day they were ready to mail.  Wouldn’t you rather receive a gorgeous card crafted with handmade marbled paper than an standard card from the store?  I know I would! So simple & “Chique”.

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