“Chique” DIY: Pom Pom Garland

Happy December a few weeks late! ‘Tis the season for all things Holiday, right? Last year we didn’t put up a tree, which we regretted, so this year we did it early. Only downside, is that our house was a disaster for weeks, because the project seemed endless.

Luckily, this weekend was low key, so we spent Sunday sipping homemade hot cocoa, cooking our favorite Vodka Sauce, listening to Christmas tunes (which btw, was short lived. Please send some good holiday songs our way) and of course putting the finishing touches on the tree and house.

All this holiday decorating, meant I was obligated to finish my DIY garland. I have an affinity for pom poms, as some of you witnessed on my Instagram, with my Dr. Suessical gigantic pom pom for my knit hat.

Then, I saw this picture on the Anthropologie Instagram, and I instantly knew I could make one similar. The things you can learn from You Tube these days. Watch this video and you too will be whipping up pom poms in no time!

2014-12-14 03.12.57 1

First, buy soft lush knitting yarn and be sure you have a great pair of sharp scissors. Use the same method as you saw on the video. Once you have made your designated number of pom poms it is time to construct the garland. Remember, in design, it is always best to have an odd number, so depending on how long you want your garland will determine how many you make. The giant ball of yarn I bought only made 7 pom poms with enough to make 3 long strips which I braided for the garland.

Pom Poms

Next, attach the two pom poms on the end so they hang off the braid directly not by the extra yarn. Then space the others randomly. Again, it doesn’t have to be symmetrical. The reason I love this garland is that it looks organic and perfectly imperfect! On the remaining pom poms, I tried several methods, but this was the best. I took both strands of  yarn through the braid and then looped it through itself like you see in the photo below. Tie tight, then just snip the remaining yarn. Only drawback to this project is you will have random bits of yarn to pick up from the trimming of the pom poms. But the mess is worth the amazing outcome!

2014-12-14 03.11.26 1

I contemplated on where to hang it, because it wasn’t really long enough for the tree. So, I took inspiration from the original photo. I dressed up my Russian Grandma, Baba’s, china cabinet with some greenery, one of my favorite feather trees and my new “Chique” DIY pom pom garland. I love how it turned out. Don’t wait, you still have time to make one for the holidays. I may never take it down, I love it so!

2014-12-14 03.10.13 1

Pom Pom Garland

2014-12-14 03.15.50 1

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