“Chique” Fall Festivities

One of my favorite seasons is Fall and not just for the weather and the layered wardrobes, but for the apple picking, cider & doughnuts and more. Unfortunately, sometimes in Chicago we go straight from Summer to Winter and we miss all the fall festivities. We have been lucky this year as the days with crisp air and blue skies have been abundant (today being the rainy exception).

I am not sure if we will make it back to Michigan for our annual Cider Mill visit, so we decided to head to a pumpkin farm instead. It was gorgeous and sunny for the Fall school holiday on Monday, so we headed out to¬†Bengston’s Farm. It was more like an Autumn Carnival with tons of games, rides, food and more.

Us city kids love living amongst the urban beat, but sometimes it is nice to escape the skyline and head to what we consider the country. Really it is just the suburbs, but, nonetheless, it feels like the back of beyond.

The kids had a blast and even us grown-ups enjoyed the seasonal celebration. Here is a glimpse of our day. If you are looking for a country “Chique” family friendly getaway, I highly recommend it.




Pumpkin Moon








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