“Chique” Family Tip: Studio Sundays

Yesterday, we visited, yet another fabulous event hosted by the Chicago Architectural Foundation.  On the third Sunday of every month they host a free family workshop!  This week, we explored the ancient art of shadow theaters and moveable puppets.  Out of simple materials we built our own paper puppets and then put on a mini show for the guests.  The kids loved it.  We also took a mini self tour of Chicago Model City, a 320-square-foot model of downtown.   It gives a glimpse of our skyline as you’ve never seen it before.  This exhibition is the only accurate and up-to-date model of Chicago, a definite must see, before it goes! I think some of the parents were having more fun than the kids as one man built a 12 foot tower out of Kapla blocks in the spacious open play area. Mark your calendars for February 19th as the CAF is planning a special “Engineering” day. Our city has so much to offer for families that allow you to discover, explore and educate simultaneously, so super “Chique”.

Chicago Model City

View inside the 12′ tower from above!

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