“Chique” Gowns: Oscar Buzz

I must say, last night’s Academy Awards Show was a bit dull for my taste, but of course, I stayed up until the bitter end. I felt a bit out of touch since I hadn’t seen any of the nominated movies, so my eyes were really on the fashion. I loved seeing all the Facebook posts and Twitter feeds as the stars headed down the red carpet. Bored, matronly & safe where some of the words that popped up, but it wasn’t until Gwyneth stepped out in the dramatic white Tom Ford gown & cape that the comments turned for the better. For all those Gwyneth haters out there, she sure does know how to stop a crowd. The Anna Hu cuff was absolutely stunning too. Her look was flawless from head to toe! I also thought Angelina rocked the black velvet Versace Atelier high slit gown, especially with her natural hair and red lips! Oh, so very “Chique”!

I was also thrilled to see Michelle Williams in the latest peplum trend. The coral Louis Vuitton chiffon gown was stunning on her and I adored her pink Bottega crocodile clutch. Tina Fey was also top of my list, wearing a smashing navy Carolina Herrera gown with peplum detail and even better was her classic bun done “Chique”.

My usual favorite is Cameron Diaz because she always throws in her “Boho Chic” look with some funky jewelry or an interesting accessory but she played it way too safe this year. I won’t even talk about my “Worst Dressed” list as it is way too long! What stars were on your “Best Dressed” list and why? Would love to hear your thoughts.  Until next time, find your style and stay “Chique”.

Gwyneth Paltrow Oscars 2012

Michelle Williams Oscars 2012

Tiny Fey Oscars 2012

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  1. Those were my favorites as well. Although I must say that even though I liked Angie’s dress, her leg showoff antics on stage totally annoyed me. The writer who made fun of her made my night! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    1. I agree, I think she stuck her leg out to show off the slits as otherwise the dress would have been ordinary! The old “naughty” Angelina took over for a sec! 🙂

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