“Chique” Hat Attack

Today’s hot weather came on unexpectedly as it has been rainy, cold and dreary for months. So, when the temps rose above 80, I was tempted to pull out the head scarf a little early. I know, Mom, it was premature, but since we are so anxious for summer, I decided to jump in head first. No pun intended!

Today’s look was a pair of distressed denim, my new headdress tee from Nordstrom rack and my trustee gauze skull scarf tied as a head wrap. Casual and “Chique”.


I also ventured into new territory yesterday with a floppy fedora. As some of you know, from posts like this one, I am a big fan of cowboy hats, beach hats and fedoras, but I was always unsure if I could pull off this look without the long wavy hair. I gave in and decided I would give it a shot. What do you think?


I scored this black floppy fedora on sale at Forever 21 along with these bright blue tuxedo jeans, so I threw on a black tank and some sandals and I was ready to hit the town. Mind you, I realized this is not the best driving hat. Wearing it low for the dramatic effect doesn’t work well when navigating heavy machinery!




Both looks very different, but loving each one equally. Digging the black felt hat, even in Spring, for a very Yves Saint Laurent vibe and today’s hippie “Chique” head wrap was the perfect way to celebrate the high temps. What’s your favorite seasonal accessory? Please share my friends.

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