“Chique” Inspiration: Mother Nature

I am constantly inspired by nature, last night’s Virgo Full Moon is a perfect example. The beauty of it literally almost caused me to crash the car into the median. It was rising right over the lake like a gigantic fire ball; it was breathtaking and no picture would have done it justice. So on that same theme, today’s post is in honor of mother nature. Year’s ago, I was given this amazing piece of dried vine that was wrapped like a wreath. I use it as a centerpiece on the deck in the summer or hang it on a wall in the house during the colder months. It always adds an organic feel to any room, which I love!

A while back, Matt found a piece of walnut that was leftover from the rehab at our old house. It was too small for a piece of furniture, but too precious to discard. Matt then cut, carved, sanded and polished it into the shape of a cuff for me as a gift! The moment I put it on, it makes me smile. There is a natural shimmer to walnut that is difficult to capture in pictures, but it is truly spectacular in person! In fact, that was the second piece of original jewelry Matt has designed. For our 5 year wedding anniversary he had our jeweler melt down scraps of white gold into a hammered metal cuff, engraved with the date on the inside.  I pair it casually with jeans or I dress it up for date night; it is the perfect statement piece. I receive compliments on it every time I wear it.  Something I will cherish forever and better yet, it will always be in style!

The gorgeous sand dollar isn’t just one we bought in a local gift shop, but one that Parker and Matt dove for over the summer while in Florida.  The rule is to never take anything alive from the ocean, but Matt free dives down deep so that he can rescue the dead sand dollars.  The boys then clean and preserve them as gifts to family and friends.  It is hard to believe that it was once a living sea animal; so fragile, so perfect and so super “Chique”.  Where do you go to stay inspired? Would love to hear your thoughts.  Until next time, take a moment to appreciate the world around you!

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