“Chique” Mementos: Handful of Treasures

Some of you may have seen my Facebook post yesterday, but in case you did not this is what I said: A heartfelt note I received from someone special today, not only made me grateful but made me realize that true friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient; it’s about being there when it’s not. Over the last few years, when times were tough, I have grown closer to my real friends; some old, some new and some who came back. I love you all for your loyalty, your strength and your guidance. I look forward to celebrating our next “chapter” together, as it will be worth the wait! And I am at peace with those who were not brave enough to stick around, your loss. Walter Winchell said it best, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

So on that same theme, comes today’s post. Only surround yourself with people and things you love. Friendship shouldn’t be strained or one sided it should be a give and take. I have run across too many people who only take and are innately unable to give back.  I have comfortably separated myself from those types.  So, I am cleansing the physical space around me as well.  I want my house to be filled with not just possessions but things that evoke great memories or represent special moments in time. There is nothing worse than contrived interior design and seeing someone’s house filled with forced beauty as it is just like them; shallow and empty. People’s homes sprinkled with treasures and mementos of their life are much more interesting than visiting a space that is packed with superficial pieces they acquired for bragging rights.   Is it supposed to be home or a showroom?

I respect those interior designers who take the time to explore their client’s lifestyle, travels & history before guiding them in the decorating process.  Similarly, when I am styling a client, I begin with a lifestyle analysis, we create a “style statement” together, then I determine their shape and lastly, I help them build a wardrobe that meets all three of those requirements.  I don’t just go into their closet and purge.  I don’t dictate what they should like based on my tastes, but I try to bring out their own brilliance.  The same holds true in home design, you should live in a space that represents your life experiences and personality.

With that said, here are a few of my favorite things, I happen to think they are very “Chique” too. What are some of your most treasured items?

A Robin’s egg blue journal my dear friend gave me while Matt was away and my lucky Chinese coin

Museum books & magazines acquired while living in Italy on my semester abroad, a Balinese hand crafted mask brought home from our honeymoon and one of my favorite modeling shots of Matt in Paris

A piece of art painted with love by very talented and gorgeous sister and a Robin’s egg blue vintage coat I bought for pennies year’s ago at a thrift store

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