“Chique” Neutrals

Maybe it is the awful, torturous heat in the city or just my restless desire for white & ivory this time of year, but regardless, I can’t stop dreaming about these gorgeous “Chique” looks. Absolute perfection. What does this heat have you hankering for these days?

Can we talk about the necklace too? To die for, truly!

Source: aminuteawayfromsnowing.tumblr.com via Erika on Pinterest

Delicate lace & Chanel chenille, simply stunning. It’s all in the details my friends!

Source: couldihavethat.blogspot.com via Erika on Pinterest

The organic stone beading and the pleats put this dress top of my list!

Source: crushculdesac.tumblr.com via Erika on Pinterest

P.S. If anyone can identify designers on the necklace in the first photo and the dress in the last pic, would love details!

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  1. Hi sweet! Thank you for your message on my tumblr! My necklace is from an Australian chain store called Sportsgirl 🙂

  2. Michelle,
    Thanks for the info…looks amazing on you. I guess that means I need to come shopping!! I see such unique stuff out of you Australia…cool & contemporary. Can’t get that necklace out of my head.

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