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So much for resolutions and such. I usually just jump into the New Year gearing up to reset, refocus and remain balanced. And by balanced, I mean live in moderation. As many of you know, I treat myself to the occasional donut and I don’t carry the guilt around with me forever. I try to work out regularly, but again I don’t kill myself. It may not be the routine for everyone, but it works for me, for the moment.

When it comes to snacking, I like tasty treats packed with nuts, protein and a little chocolate. Some of you may remember this post about my favorite KIND bars. So when Natural Balance Foods, a UK based company, asked me to try their wholefood products, review and help spread the word in the US market, I happily obliged.

What I love most about the company is that you can count the ingredient list on one hand. Loaded with only dates, cashews, pecans, cocoa and the essence of ginger, fruits and herbs. And even better, for those of who like to keep a raw, vegan, gluten free and/or dairy free diet, these are for you. Also, check out their blog post on the benefits of a wheat free diet if interested in converting.

My absolute favorite flavor was the Cocoa Mint. The essence of mint was so aromatic and authentic. Nothing artificial. I also love the cashew cookie and pecan pie bars as they satisfied my sweet tooth while refueling! The boys enjoyed the fruit crunch bars the best. They were a great post swimming snack packed with protein. So many choices no matter what your palette. They are available on line at Eat Nakd or on Amazon if you want to try a variety pack!

Nowadays, we have so many choices so why not choose 100% natural, raw, unprocessed wholefoods that are bursting with flavor and crammed with goodness. Simply delicious. Start your new year right and try these “Chique” snacks. You can thank me later. Happy New Year, friends.

Nakd bars

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*this post is sponsored by Natural Balance Foods, but all opinions are my own

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