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Greetings friends. I have resorted to discussing random thoughts after my very unusual blog about the weather here in Chicago. What is happening here at UrbanChiqueNess? Let’s call it a peek into my life. It is a “lifestyle” blog, right?

Well on this Wednesday (that feels like Monday because of school closings) lets talk about bars & beauty. Both items, independently important in my regime, but completely unrelated. I don’t know about you, but I am a bit of a snooper. From the people I admire to my good friends, I am curious as to what they wear, what do they eat, what are their favorite beauty products, where do they hang out.  So with that said, here it is my loyal readers, a glimpse at the ordinary things that make me happy.

Almost everyday you can find a Kind Bar either in my bag or in my belly. My favorite flavor is the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate with 7 grams of protein. All natural, non GMO, gluten free, low sodium, no trans fat and delicious. You can’t beat it. It is my go to snack of choice. I also love the Dark Chocolate, Nuts & Sea Salt version. Isn’t dark chocolate a natural antioxidant? Grab yourself a few. You can thank me later.

And then there is my new Clarisonic Mia that I bought with the generous Christmas money from family & friends. This must have beauty item has been on my list for ages, so I decided to bite the bullet. I didn’t go for the fancy, exclusive or limited edition version. I think the $99 one is just fine for starters.

I can tell you my skincare regime has been taken to a whole new level. I still use my usual Vitamin C cleanser and moisturize with my favorite DIY Beauty Balm , but pairing my favorite products alongside this technology makes a huge difference. Clarisonic’s clinical proof shows that by cleansing with their sonic technology it is 6x more efficient than with your hands and you get 61% better absorption of moisturizer afterwards. My skin has never felt this baby soft and I only use it at night. My skin looks and feels fresh. I am not even a bit dry despite the arctic weather of late. Treat yourself my friends. You won’t be sorry.

So call it random or chalk it up to good advice, but these are my “Chique” tips for the week. Enjoy.

Kind & Clarisonic

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  1. Thanks for the tip regarding the Kind bar – I will definitely pick some up!

    I’ve had the Clarisonic for awhile now and I love it, too! As you said, it only makes anyone’s cleansing regimen a thousand times more effective. Now they’ve come out with the body version, feet version, etc. Who knows what’s next?

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