“Chique” Recipe: Pasta alla Caprese

Well, last night we treated our taste buds to homegrown goodness.  I am not sure the boys will ever be able to eat just an ordinary tomato ever again.  There is nothing more delicious than a fruit and herbs from your own garden. As some of you already know from here and here, we have been making an urban attempt to grow a miniature vegetable & herb garden.

The three tiny tomato plants we put in the earth in May are now full grown and producing tons of fruit. Our first bountiful harvest of cherry tomatoes was ready to be picked this weekend.  PJ and Parker took it upon themselves to gently search the plants to reveal the ripe red plump morsels. A few didn’t make it upstairs as they popped them straight into their mouths.  Exactly, what Mama had hoped for, honestly!

We then cut some fresh basil from our tiny strip of land to accompany our feast. It is so important for the kids to see where the food comes from as they watch it grow from a seed and nurture it into a blossoming gorgeous piece of fruit. Nature at it’s finest!

So, last night we dined upon our bounty. Such a simple summertime meal, just sauted a few cloves of garlic in a butter and olive oil, added the cherry tomatoes until they popped. Tossed in cooked whole wheat penne and mixed with miniature mozzarella balls and chopped basil.  Served with fresh grated Parmesan and, of course, a loaf of crusty Italian bread.

Pasta perfection: homegrown, healthy and oh so “Chique”. Do you have any garden fresh recipes to share? Would love to hear.

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