“Chique” Seedlings

It has been almost 3 weeks since we courageously planted our first “Urban” vegetable and herb garden. I was a bit nervous, because that next week mother nature brought us a few frigid nights, so I wasn’t sure if they would survive the frost. They seem to be flourishing now as the weather has been a healthy mix of sun & rain, so hopefully our little plants will forge through this chilly April.

In the meantime, we also planted corn, sugar snap peas and green bean seeds in an old recycled egg carton. We have so enjoyed watching the seedlings carefully poke through the soil. At one point they seemed to be growing right before our eyes. We would water them, leave the house for a walk and by the time we returned, we were convinced that they had grown taller in a matter of minutes. So, this weekend we transplanted them into miniature peat pots as they seemed to be outgrowing their space. The boys were fascinated by how the roots followed the water into the actual fibers of the egg carton. They were amazed at the extensive, strong root system growing from such a tiny, delicate plant. Once we have consistently warm weather we will plant them in the garden.

Now, that I am feeling a bit more confident with my gardening skills, I am ready to start experimenting. I have been using Pinterest and Bloglovin’ to sort through the millions of inspirational blogs and gardening sites. My two favorite ideas so far are the seedling party favors in a juice glass and growing sweet potatoes in a bag. Ask my family, I have a million jam jars living in our cupboards, so there is no shortage of glass containers for this project. Now, I just need to plan a party! Anyone up for co-hosting? I also have an authentic burlap coffee bag just waiting for the perfect use. Lots of “Chique” ideas, so now I just need to find the time!

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