“Chique” Sketch: Ferdinand

Ferdinand, by Munro Leaf was published over 50 years ago and is one of the bestselling children’s books of all time. It is now on our family’s list of favorites as well. Not only because of its uplifting story of peace and contentment, but also its amazing illustrations. I still remember like it was yesterday when my sister read aloud this thought provoking story to Parker when he was just a toddler. He was not only captivated by Auntie Heidi’s dramatic voice but the evocative and detailed drawings by Robert Lawson. It was a special bonding moment for them! My sister has deep rooted love for all Mexican Heritage Art, from Frida Kahlo to Day of the Dead memorabilia, she collects all things ethnic! She was ecstatic to know her first nephew was also taken by Ferdinand.

When Matt was away he wanted to sketch something for Heidi. I thought about what would be perfect hanging alongside all the other spectacular art in her house and then it came to me. I photo copied her favorite page of Ferdinand and sent it to him. Little did we know that Matt had this incredible gift. A self taught artist under torturous conditions. In only a few days he sketched a exact reproduction of the illustration. It was so similar that I still have to make a concerted effort to tell the difference between the original and his sketch. So here it is in digital form but the original is framed and hung on Heidi’s living room wall amongst her other masterpieces! Oh so very “Chique”.

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