“Chique” Summer Fun List

Today’s heat wave, which looks as if it is going to turn into a thunderstorm has made us revisit our very long “Summer Fun” list. PJ produced an artistic rendition of his here.

Parker blogged about his, so I feel compelled to publish mine as well. Naturally, there is going to be some overlap on all three, since I am the head counselor for “Camp Nolan”. But, for my semi compulsive personality, part of the fun is not just making & doing the list, but crossing stuff off the list. In fact, I have been known to add things to my list after the fact, simply to be able to check them off the list. Am I crazy, or is anyone else with me here? So, without further ado, my “Summer Fun” list:

1. Pack a Picnic & go to a concert at Millennium Park.
2. Go to the Tuesday Farmers Market Family Day at the MCA.
3. Visit the Art Institute for the Lichtenstein retrospective.
4. Nothing is more fun than a night on the lawn at Ravinia.
5. Another Chicago Summertime Favorite, Movies in the Park, is a must do!
6. Play miniature golf!
7. Take a night out with the girls.
8. Read more & blog less.
9. Co-host a yard sale to rid our home of the unnecessary clutter.
10.Escape to the beach and unplug!

What’s on your list of sights to see this summer? Please share!

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