“Chique” Swoop Bags

Two boys and ten years later, our house is bursting with Lego. Mind you, I am a huge fan of the brilliant play pieces, just not fond of the mess. Independently they seem simple, but with a healthy imagination, a little concentration and a sprinkling of fine motor skills a pile of loose Lego can become the most amazing creation. Not to mention it provides endless amounts of entertainment. What mom wouldn’t love Lego?

But, between my need to keep things tidy and the boys endless desire for Lego, we needed a solution. Swoop bags came to the rescue. The most brilliant invention ever.

Fellow Lego fans out there, trust me, you need to put these on your wish lists. The Swoop Bag is designed to carry all the stray Lego pieces and doubles as a circular playmat when opened up on the floor. No more dumping. No more digging. No more mess. No more stress. Just build and “swoop”. Now that is “Chique”.

Swoop Bag Collage

P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post. I am just a believer!

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