“Chique” Tassel Necklace

I have always loved tassels. I have them all over our house; hanging on door knobs, sewn on custom pillows and of course on my handbags. In fact, you may remember this post here, when I made my own tassels for my new clutch.

Five years ago, I bid on this fantastic pair of gigantic elaborate feather tassels that are meant to draw floor length curtains. Luckily, I won the auction, but ironically we don’t have any curtains in our house. So now, they gracefully hang from the french doors of the office. I still love them just for the added drama.

Lately, I have been inspired by the tassels showing up in jewelry, some beaded, some metal and some just good old fashion yarn. I searched the web, scoured the stores, but couldn’t find a necklace that satisfied me. So, instead I decided to make one myself. Again, my apologies, because I powered through my late night DIY and didn’t snap any photos until I was finished. So see below for the step by step sans pics.

Now it is one of my favorite necklaces. The perfect “Chique” fall accessory. What is your staple this season?


DIY Tassel Necklace

1 medium tassel
1 roll of matching wax string
4 small beads

First, I measured the length of the necklace. I wanted mine especially long so depending on preference measure the string and then double it. Cut 3 pieces of string or wax thread. Knot them together and secure or tape them on a surface so you can braid easily. Once you braid the entire length, slip the necklace through the loop on the top of the tassel. Mind you, it is possible to make your own tassel as well, but I bought mine this time. Then add three beads by putting both sides of the braided necklace through the bead. Knot the string after the beads to secure them at the bottom. The beads add impact but they also make the tassel drape nicely. Knot each end of the braid near the top and slip another bead on as a closure and knot again. Since my necklace is so long, I can just slip over my head, so there is no need for a proper clasp. Good luck!

P.S. Just added this one to my collection. A gift for my sister! Cute, right?

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