“Chique” Thanksgiving Craft

Feeling thankful? Or a little crafty? Here is the perfect Thanksgiving themed project for you and your littles. A few years back when the boys were younger my mom and I made these pine cone turkeys with them. They loved it as much as we did and now we bring them out every November.

I love the organic look and feel of a pine cone. And who doesn’t love feathers? Together, they make the perfct addition to a fall tablescape or harvest centerpiece. If you have an abundance of pine cones, glue a name card to each and use as a place holder on your Thanksgiving table. A simple way to add some seasonal “Chique” to your home.

Pine cone turkeys



Pine Cone Turkey

Pine cone
Pipe cleaner
Original Tacky Glue
Ribbon, yarn or jute twine

Place the pine cone on its side with small end towards you. Begin to glue feathers near the back to look like his tail. Cut a brown pipe cleaner in thirds and bend to look like his beak and glue to the front of the pine cone. Then tie a bow with ribbon, yarn or twine and glue it on as his “bowtie”. Voila a mini pine cone turkey. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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