“Chique” Tip: Bedside Manner

I just recently read a post on Apartment Therapy about living with a dysfunctional nightstand. While “they” say to never work in bed, the reality is that most of us do find ourselves on the laptop or on the phone in our bedrooms. I know for me, I need storage for all my essentials, because I don’t want all that stuff piled up next to me. I want to go to bed just looking at what I cherish most, my family. My nightstand has drawers to hide all the clutter: my laptop, my phone, my contact lens container & saline, as well as, all of my favorite bed time toiletries, my Burt’s Bees lip balm, my trusty tin of Tiger Balm and my Body Shop peppermint foot lotion. I can’t function without these things right at my fingertips.  If you don’t have drawers you can always store your must have “go to” items in a basket or a small box like these fabulous Iittala Vitriini boxes.

On display next to my bed are things dear to me, including a darling photo of the boys, a former modeling shot of my handsome husband when he was in Paris and my pearl lamp, adorned with an original Maria Pinto feather pin. The last thing you see before you hit the pillow should be things close to your heart not a bunch of junk. Merchandise your bedside table with precious pieces to create calm in your bedroom. Here’s to a peaceful “Chique” slumber.


  1. Margaux Drake wrote:

    Great Post today E! LOVE the title and concisely written. I was just cleaning my room early this morning and thinking I have to purge A LOT of the reading material that has amassed on my nightstand (books, magazines, papers, etc…). This is a good reminder to actually DO IT!!!

  2. Erika Nolan wrote:

    Thanks M for the nice comments…I took this picture a while ago so I also had to follow my own advice and clear some clutter! xo

  3. ron wrote:

    great post, loved the reading and I do as well tend to work in bed sometimes 🙂


  4. Cat wrote:

    Love me some apartment therapy! Thanks for the share.