“Chique” Tip: Denim Details

I may or may not collect vintage Levi’s, most of which I have thrifted for mere pennies. Some I wear as boyfriend jeans and some I cut off, distress and wear as shorts. The coveted 501’s are hard to come by, so I will settle for zip fly as long as they are old, soft and worn. There is nothing better, right?

My summer uniform is a graphic tee, straw hat and a pair of distressed Levi’s. Why buy destroyed denim for hundreds of dollars? If you have a little time and patience, you can get that same look for less with this little DIY. Lately, I have taken my level of destruction to a new level. The key is to have a hole that has the white threads remaining.

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First, measure how long you want your shorts. I prefer them a little below the butt so I can roll them without being too revealing. Maybe 1 to 2 inches from the crotch. When cutting be sure to go on a diagonal so the outer thigh is a little higher, which is more flattering on the leg than straight across.


The next step is to rough up the pockets, backside and any other random spots by just barely cutting off the tops of the pockets above the seams. Sometimes I use a dremel to roughen up spots too. Then slice two horizontal lines in the front where you want the holes. Usually, I throw them in the wash once before I take the threads out to see how they look and loosen the threads.

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Grab a good pair of tweezers and start removing the denim colored threads that run perpendicular to the two cuts you made earlier. This step will take the longest so don’t get frustrated. You have to just keep trying until you get that first thread out and then the remaining ones will come out with ease!

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I also like to tack the sides and the inner part of the hem so that they stay rolled up. Remember, the outer thigh should be a little higher than the inner leg to help elongate!


The more you wash them the better they age. And experiment with the size and shape of your holes so they are not symmetric. The less contrived they look the better. Try this “Chique” DIY and let me know if you have any other tips. Happy summer, friends!

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