“Chique” Tip: Dip Dye Denim

People say you dream in black & white, but lately I have been dreaming in denim. In this case I can’t stop thinking about my vintage Levi cut-offs. Back in the 80’s they were my jeans and in the 90’s I transformed them into shorts as seen in the picture below. Have you ever had a not so perfect pair of denim shorts that fit you like a glove? I loved these shorts, but I think they finally had to go because they were more like pieces and patches than pants. I will blame it on my mom who probably insisted that I not wear them any more, so I must have given them away in one of my cleaning fits. So sad, I really want them back.

In an effort to recreate them, I took a pair of Matt’s old jeans that had a big hole in the rear, cut them into shorts and roughed them up with my micro-planer. Here they are before I took further action!

But, they still needed something. Then, it came to me, after I saw this blog post by Ascot Friday. She dipped her navy sweater in bleach to give it an Ombre effect. So, all I needed was a little bleach and a bucket. Here they are after about an hour dipped in an inch of bleach and water. I rinsed them out well and soaked them in water before washing and drying them.

They are a bit big for me, so they end up being paper-bag waisted shorts, which I am not super sold on, but they are still comfy and cute. I think my next mission is to find an old pair of Levi’s at a thrift store that fit me better. I am on the search for the perfect pair of “daisy dukes”. Mom, I know what you are thinking. I am too old for denim cut offs. I promise not to make them too short and too revealing! Anyone else with me? So super “Chique” for the beach this summer.

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