“Chique” tip: DIY Jewelry Display

In hopes of willing in the warmer temps, I did a little Spring cleaning. I was running out of space for all my accessories and such. Mom, I know what you are thinking.  I should just stop shopping, but there is something to be said about a little retail therapy. I am on a tight budget, so my impulsive spending is not breaking the bank, promise.

Last week, I added a few key pieces to my collection from Forever 21, like this amazing fringe beaded number here. How could I pass it up for that price?

But the burning question was how to adequately & creatively showcase all my great jewels without them becoming a tangled mess. I have some of my bigger baubles hung on an old rod iron coat hook as seen here. My other favorite little birch tree stand was overloaded and on the verge of tipping over, so I needed to merchandise a new cluster.

And then there is my potpourri of glass jars and old wine bottles that are just taking up space in my cupboard. After reading this great article on line at Lucky Magazine, I had the perfect solution.  I can’t bear to toss the dozens of “Dearly Beloved, I thee Red” bottles sitting on my counter as they are just too cool. Oh and that random vintage Coke bottle was just calling my name.

So, here it is, my eclectic array of necklaces, rings and cuffs neatly displayed atop bottles, inside vintage porridge bowls, tossed with some of my other favorite things like feathers, horns & a candle.

I love how it turned out. So organized and oh so very “Chique”, don’t you think!? Now if Spring would just arrive, I could starting sporting some of these new fab pieces.

I thee Red, Dearly Beloved

Recyled bottle jewlery dispaly




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