“Chique” Tip: Fancy Fridge

I know, seems like an oxymoron. How could a refrigerator really be that “Chique”. Well, combine my mantra “eat well feel better” with a dose of OCD and there you have it. A refrigerator merchandised like a retail boutique.

It may not always look like these photos as it depends on the day. But, one thing is true, my water, milk and juice is always decanted and our fruits & veggies are always accessible. I am attempting to make the food visually enticing, so the family will eat those healthy treats first, before they reach for the pretzels in the pantry. Trust me, they still indulge in those salty snacks, but everything in moderation my friends.

Fancy Fridge Collage

I don’t buy new glassware for the fridge. I use recycled cans, old Sangria bottles, mason jars, old flower vases, baskets and more. I, also, love my matching IKEA leftover containers with the green lids. A little pop of color on the bottom shelf.

Another tip, I place the hard boil eggs in a glass jar so we know the difference between the raw and cooked ones. Currently, we are out of berries, but to keep them fresh longer without going moldy, place them in a single layer on a plate or platter. And remember, don’t wash them until you are ready to eat them!

Simple, but “Chique” ways to keep your fridge clean, organized and appealing. One step closer to living healthy and green. Try it and let me know what you think!

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