“Chique” Tip: Lemons are Green

Well, not in color but in theory Lemons are one of the best “green”, bio-degradable, non-toxic, natural disinfectants around.  Whenever I cook with a lemon I always use the leftover piece to clean something in my kitchen or bath.  Pure lemon juice not only smells divine, but is able to kill most of the bacteria on any surface as it has a ph balance of 2.3, which is nearly 6 times that of vinegar.

I only use my bamboo cutting board for fruit or veggies,  but even still I like to clean it regularly just to be safe.  So, yesterday after squeezing the lemon juice into my Thai  smoothie, I used the lemon half just like a sponge to disinfect my favorite chopping block.  First, I sprinkled the surface with salt, a great natural abrasive,  then used the lemon to scrub it clean.  Once I rinsed it off and towel dried it,  I rubbed a small amount of oil onto the entire surface.  I had mineral oil leftover from another project, but because it is a by-product of petroleum, I may use walnut oil next time!

Following these easy steps will not only clean and protect your wood board but will make it look brand new!  So simple & “Chique”.  Stay tuned for more “green” cleaning tips and please share some of your favorites!

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  1. I’m a big fan of green cleaning & use only vinegar & baking soda. What I didn’t realize is that lemon’s ph was greater than vinegar. Thanks for the tip.
    Here’s a tip for vinegar – use it as your fabric softner. I’ve used it for years. It removes static as well as any soap residue, plus cleans the washer all at the same time. Also it doesn’t leave your clothes smelling like vinegar, in case you were wondering.

  2. I use Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil on almost everything. How do you use the vinegar in the laundry? In the washer soap compartments or soak a towel in dryer?

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