“Chique” tip: Monday Muse

I would love to be able to say Matt & I discovered Jonathan Adler nearly 20 years ago while wandering one of the many trendy NYC boroughs during a weekend getaway. That may be a stretch, but back then he was just a local artist producing outrageously cool pottery out of his studio.

Fast forward to now. I am still obsessed with his stuff, regardless if it is mass produced, because I can still remember the overwhelming feeling I had when we walked into that space. So, when my Muse candle burned out, it wasn’t a sad day, but one to reflect. What will I do with it now?

Well, now this “Chique” Muse Blanc piece can be a tea cup, a nut bowl or a votive holder. In fact, I may add another one to my Christmas wish list to make a pair! Or maybe the Dora Maar vase? Oh, now that would be super “Chique”. Cheers to my Monday’s muse. What inspires you, friends? Please spill!

Jonathan Adler Muse

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