“Chique” Tip: Origami Valentines

Now that I am a parent, I try to live the holidays through the eyes of our children. I want them to understand the meaning behind the special days instead of just getting comfortable being showered with gifts. Obviously, some celebrations are more significant than others. Valentine’s Day, for instance, feels more like a “Hallmark” holiday to me. But it is important to the kids because it is the one day at school when they can indulge in a sweet treat and celebrate friendship. So with that said, I try to make a lasting impression on how we can make Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

Maybe it is my innate nature to be a little different or the fact that I refuse to buy my kids logo clad gifts but I just can’t bear to buy another Batman Valentine. I figured there must be a way to make simple but charming cards for their friends from home. In Montessori children learn through practical life experiences. I try to ensure that I use that same philosophy in our house to reinforce those lessons.

How can we make 45 cards in a short amount of time with as little pain as possible? After some brainstorming, we decided to make Origami Valentine’s Day cards. What better way to combine hand eye coordination, math principles and friendship all in one simple project? The boys had an origami folding paper set from one of our favorite stores Muji. We dug out our supplies and weekend craft began. My oldest son researched the easy steps on how to make  heart origami. My youngest separated the pink, red and purple paper and counted out enough for both himself and his brother. The boys had a blast. One of them even spontaneously commented, while he was busy folding, “This is so fun and much better than just buying cards.” He cheerfully realized, “It saves money too, Mama!” The activity was also a great confidence boost for PJ, who had to write his name twenty two times. They also had fun decorating the hearts with stickers yet, had we had more time, we could have embellished the cards with ribbon or string.

Well I guess Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad after all. Seeing how genuinely excited the boys were about their classmates’ cards I am proud to say I am sold. A little imagination and innovation can make a real difference for you and your family. Oh, how “Chique”!


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