“Chique” Tip: Stay Calm & Carry On

Today ended on a much better note than how it started. It was a rough morning at our house. I am amazed how tired we are when the alarm sounds at 6:30 am.  I think we are all experiencing DST jet lag. I know you are thinking, it is only an hour, how hard can it be? Not sure why we are feeling it this time, but there is nothing worse than having to yell at your kids, first thing in the morning, to simply get dressed. But, the key is to move on and stay positive. So that is what I did, I tried to let it all go. I sent them off with a smile, went to Pilates, listened to a little Van Morrison, put on my new free pink gloss from Sephora and seized the day!  It is amazing how a little color can transform your mood.  Then we came home to two outstanding Ancona progress reports in the mail, along with our friends’ Pisces Party III invite.  Don’t you think receiving mail the old fashion way feels much more meaningful?  We took a break from all the after school activities to enjoy the sunshine. The boys made their new chore lists, which should hopefully give them an incentive to “stay calm & carry on”.  So with a little positive energy and some deep breathing our blue day turned rosy in no time!  Now, that is “Chique”.

P.S. This is my favorite L’Occitane hand cream!

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