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As some of you know from here and here, I am a bit obsessed with tie dye right now. Actually, we haven’t been using dye, but a light bleach solution to get the same effect by taking away the color. I haven’t actually been brave enough to get out the real dye. But, for now it is satisfying all my fashion cravings.

Recently, the boys are into creating their own custom designs too. You may remember from my Instagram pics a few items that I scored from the thrift shop. We immediately had a cut, dip, twist and spray DIY day. First, we cut the sleeves off of the green denim jacket. The key to any DIY reverse tie dye is to wet the garment first. Since the denim was so thick twisting and dipping in the bleach solution may not have worked, so we literally put the water and bleach solution (about 50/50) into a spray bottle. PJ loved it because the effect was almost immediate. Once you get the shade you like, just rinse, drip dry and send through the wash cycle.

Our next project was a pair of black skinny jeans that were too short for PJ, so we cropped them into long shorts. First we dipped the ends in a bucket of bleach for about 20 minutesand then sprayed just the top portion to give it a cool effect. Parker, of course, joined in the DIY party and took a pair of his old jeans that had holes in the knees, cut them off and twisted them with rubber bands to get a modified tie dye look. They all turned out so cute!

The boys were so excited that they started rummaging through old clothes to find more t-shirts to rip up and spray. PJ announced he wanted a “gun” shirt. I immediately replied “What?”. He exclaimed
“A sleeveless shirt to show off my guns, as in muscles!” Wow, we are in trouble now, but more on that later.

So, that is what we did. We cut the sleeves and the neck of an old black t-shirt and turned it into a “gun” shirt. Parker, on the other hand, went for just a cool modified muscle tee.

Anyway, we have had a ton of fun cutting, ripping, twisting, spraying, dipping and dyeing. Check it out, tons of urban “ChiqueNess”, right?

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  1. Very cool and inspirational, E & Co.! We wrote down our summer bucket list last night and a reverse tie dye is definitely on the list. I loved your dress post from last year and I’ve been saving a stained sweater tank to do the same. XO

  2. M,
    Enjoy. It is so fun and each one is different. Depending on fabric, you can twist and rubber band like I did with the dress otherwise, dipping and spraying is fun too. xo

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