“Chique” Trend: Color & Print Denim

As some of you from here and here my current fashion obsession is colored or print denim. I just can’t get enough. Lately, my go to outfit is a pair of cute jeans, a tee or tank and either wedges, flip flops or converse. So a girl can never have too many pairs of pants, right? My mom would disagree as she is going to intervene if I buy one more pair. By the way, I just spotted a cute pair of pink and grey leopard, but I resisted, just so you know!

My new favorite ones are the tie dye skinnies from Forever 21. They are so soft, comfy and under $30. Now that is “Chique”. Have you summoned up the courage to try the colored, print or tie dye denim trend? Would love to hear from you!

P.S. Someday you may get to see my whole outfit if I weren’t always trying to take my own photo on the run! Not easy being the model and the photographer….

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    1. Absolutely…in fact today I just bought some bleach to make cut off shorts from a pair of Matt’s old jeans. PJ wants to Tie Dye too! xo

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