“Chique” Trend: Colored Denim

Spring 2012 is all about color and colored jeans are all the rage from brights to pastels. It isn’t too early to bring a burst of sunshine into your Fall wardrobe. I love my orange micro cords and my distressed turquoise jeans this time of year. Paired with lace up boots and a great wool sweater, you can wear them all winter and then lighten them up with sandals and t-shirts as the Midwest warms up. On my list for Spring, a fabulous pair of bubble gum pink low rise skinny jeans. Better start shopping and shopbop has a great selection of colors, styles and designers! Oh so “Chique”.

2 Responses

  1. I’m trying to summons the courage to get a pair of colored jeans…wish me luck.

    and i LOVE your blog by the way. it’s now going to be a regular read!


  2. Joslyn,
    Do it…I just bought a pair of grey and black leopard denim skinny jeans from Target for only $22 so if I hate them it wasn’t a huge investment. They had tons of colored ones too!

    P.S. Huge compliment coming from you so thanks for the encouragement!

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