“Chique” Trend: Pineapple’s Everywhere

I absolutely adore the taste of a ripe delicious pineapple, proven by the amount of times I whip up my favorite Thai Smoothie, but have you noticed that recently everywhere you look from beachwear to dresses to accessories that the fashion trend of the moment is the pineapple?

I guess it makes sense, since when you look at the organic design of the fruit it is pretty spectacular. The colors and the shape both worthy, independently, so I guess I am breaking my own “No fruit on my tee” rule. Not that I ever realized I had such a rule but, hey, now it’s out there.


What’s not to love about the dichotomy of this heavenly tropical fruit? Prickly on the outside, but sweet on the inside. Ha, sounds like me, sometimes! Matt, no comment, please.


Anyway, I scored this oversized tank yesterday at H&M for $10. We were shopping for the boys, but I couldn’t resist it. Untucked it stands as the perfect beach coverup or a great way to spice up my Levi cut offs. Plus, I think it’s cute under my newly thrifted open knit cardigan. I added a splash of turquoise, my American Apparel clutch and I am ready for a Saturday in Summer.


Oh so “Chique” and such a rule breaker. Are you feeling fruitful?

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