“Chique” & Unplugged

You may have noticed my absence here on the blog. While I could apologize for my lack of posts, it felt absolutely amazing to step away from the electronics. As a family we took a vow to be “unplugged” for the latter part of the summer. No TV, no iPads, no blogging. Just good old fashion fun. Exploring nature, soaking up the sun, feeling our toes in the surf, shell seeking in the sand, simply relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

I cheated a tiny bit. For those of you who are my friends on Facebook & Instagram, you know that I did post periodically some scenes from the seashore. The boys took their iPads for the road trip and the temptation to play was just too much if they were within reach. Once we hid them, they didn’t miss them at all. In fact, afterwards, Parker mentioned how good it felt to be in touch with his surroundings.

While it may be hard to pick my favorite pics from the mere 1600 that I took, here is a glimpse of our “Chique” unplugged summer. It was truly magical.
Sunset, beach, nature
Sunrise, Paradise, Island living
Island living, Skinnys, Burgers
Beach, island living, paradise
Sky, clouds, heavenly
Checkers, DIY beach checkers
Shells, Island living, paradise
Nature, birds, island living, sunrise
Seaside, Paradise, magic hour
Anna Maria Donuts, Paradise
Bike, barnacles
Self timer, paradise, beach
Sunset surf, beach, paradise
in memory, tradition, chinese lanterns
Sugar sand, paradise, island living
Boys, prestrom surf, boogie boards
Lunch seaside, paradise, marina
Marina, Seafood shop,
Pool, bar scene, island living
Beach living, sand castles, island living
Jumping, seaside, paradise, island living
Paradise, surf, island living
paradise, island living, beach
Boys, family, love, paradise
Beach, paradise, magic hour
Paradise, island living
Loggerhead turtles, Anna Maria Island Turtle watch, sea turtles
Sunset, Boys, paradise, island living
Paradise, paddleboard, snorkeling
Boys, family, paradise, island living
Paradise, island living, beach, boys
paradise, family, beach, island living

While in paradise, we stole some precious time away from reality. The days began with sunrise beach walks armed with coffee & donuts in hand. The weather was perfect, so on most days we set up camp on the beach to explore the gulf. We paddleboarded, snorkeled for sand dollars, built sandcastles, played seaside Scrabble or beach checkers. Dolphins jumping on the horizon was always a treat and there was one token Hammerhead shark sighting, but what stands out most was when a wild Manatee joined Parker, Matt & friends while snorkeling. A moment they will never forget.

Nights were spent enjoying delicious seafood straight from the gulf while sipping coconut punch and indulging in long conversations with a view that can’t be beat. There were a few token sunset yoga sessions and a handful of magical nights where we set sail to some magnificent Chinese lanterns.

On the island everyone moves a little slower, so it is the perfect place to decompress. The salty surf and the sugar sand just doesn’t get old. I know we have created memories that will last a lifetime. How did you spend your summer?

Now, we are trying to adjust to the back to school schedule, regular routines and urban living. Having spent most of my time barefoot and in a bikini means I am having a harder time adjusting to the usual wardrobe. The good news is that Fall is one of my favorite seasons, so it won’t take me long to shed my cut-offs and layer for the cooler months.

P.S. All pictures were taken with my Sony Xperia Ion phone and are all unfiltered. It really was that picture perfect.

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