“Chique” Tip: DIY Winter Mittens

I was recently inspired by a simple and creative project I saw in Whole Living magazine.  My usual routine ensued:  love the idea, tear out the page, file in my ‘ideas’ folder!  But this time instead of flipping through it months later, I decided to act on my intrigue! I dug up an old blue wool sweater that just didn’t suit my husband’s current style.  I proceeded to follow the three simple steps detailed in the article.  Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not a seamstress, but I managed to sew a fabulous pair of funky fingerless mittens. The finished product was functional and cute but a little plain for my taste.  The one thing that no one will ever call  me  is  a ‘plain Jane’.  I like to take risks, stand out a bit and have fun with fashion.  I decided to sift through the extra buttons that were cluttering up my sewing box.  I proceeded to sew on a few mismatched buttons to add a little flair to the left hand.  The right mitten still needed something so I went digging in my jewelry box.  I found one of my favorite costume rings that I hadn’t worn in years and I embellished the other mitten with the beaded jewel. Voila my newest winter accessory, so cozy and “Chique”!


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