“Chique” Tip: Curves are In!

At Holobi, we believe that every woman is a precious gem.  The D.R.E.S. system is based on years of research and mathematical equations. We have discovered that the ideal body shape is a Diamond, which is defined as similar width in shoulders and hips with a smaller waist.  I guess they say you always want what you don’t have but when I am working with clients I think it is important to focus on their positive assets.  So whether you are a Ruby, an Emerald or a Sapphire, we strive to help our clients restore balance in the body and build confidence.

I have been reading a lot about body image and interestingly enough, there is recent research proving that men too like curves.  Lavinia Rodriguez, a US Clinical Psychologist, has found that men prefer a more rounded shape.  Her study found that men are more accepting of a wider range of body shapes than women.  Women are intuitively very hard on themselves which is not warranted.

The last time you got dressed was it for yourself or to impress someone else?

Do you struggle with your body image?

At Holobi, we work with our clients to enhance their own body shape. So, for instance if you are a Ruby, which is classified as larger shoulders or bust with smaller hips or thighs, it is important for you to de-emphasize the upper half of your body and add volume in the hips.  By dressing for your shape you are creating curves.  The study also found that size wasn’t as important as the proportion.

Ironically, on this same topic, Vogue Italia, always willing to up the ante, celebrated curvy models by featuring a trio of beauties, considered to be plus size, on the June cover.  To me they look fabulous not plus size but in the fashion world the standards are unrealistic.  The pressure and expectations on models could be a whole other controversial topic of discussion!

At Holobi, we honor all shapes, sizes and ages.  We should dress for ourselves not the men in our lives but if knowing that curves are acceptable to the opposite sex gives those ladies with a more bodacious body the confidence to flaunt it, then more power to them. On the flip side, for those of us who are not well endowed we can certainly find the right clothes to give that illusion! Either way, embrace what you have and celebrate your shape!

Until next time, find your style!

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