Falling hard for “Chique” Fur

Some of you may know from my Instagram posts, I am addicted to fur. Mixing it, layering it, accessorizing with it, dressing it up and wearing it as a statement piece. Yes, it is true, I think I need an intervention!  Isn’t recognition the first step to recovery, my friends?

Well, in that case I am at least on the right track, but I simply can’t help myself.  It is finally chilly here in the windy city, so there is a good excuse to bundle up.  Mind you, I do not (repeat DO NOT) pay full price for any new real fur. All of my pieces are either faux, vintage, thrifted or better yet, heirlooms.  So please don’t judge!

The retro 70’s rabbit bomber is the newest addition to my collection, as I was lucky enough to come across it thrifting on Monday at half price day for only $10. How could I possibly resist?

Black & White Fur

This black mink was another vintage score. I did pay $50, which is my most expensive piece to date, but well worth it, right?

The others in this collage are all faux with the exception to my mother’s vintage coyote. She cut the sleeves off years ago and I “borrowed” it from her, permanently. She still hasn’t handed over the sleeves. If I do get my hands on them, I would love to sew them into some fabulous throw pillows! Divine? I knew you would think so.

Still a few more of my grandma, Baba’s furs in my closet that I can reveal later. I believe they may deserve a post of their own. It is amazing to me how a touch of fur, whether real or faux, can add a spin of sophistication to any ordinary outfit. Give it a try and let me know how you feel!

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